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My Piercing Story!

So, to start off my story, I’m going to let you know that I am no newcomer to the piercing world. Before turning 18, I already had my belly pierced as well as 3 sets of earlobe piercings. When I turned 18 I went a little crazy, my parents weren’t fans of piercings and I am quite the rebel. I was also tired of going to the local piercing joints in my little hometown of Marion, OH. The woman at D&J’s was known for bad piercings, and her son was a known heroin addict. Crazy, right? (Sidenote: Marion, OH is known for having a lot of heroin addicts). *I did not know the heroin story until I made a friend in nursing school who used to be friends with this man. (I was horrified once I found out)*
Anyways, I started doing my research about piercings because I REFUSED to go back to this place. I learned about the APP accreditation and how to find piercers who had that. I found a place in Columbus, OH called “Piercology”. So, being barely 18 and yearning for piercings I hit up my bestfriend, Trinity, to see what we could go get pierced. She is slightly older than I and had a VCH piercing. I went with her to get that and was super intrigued. That was my first “adult” decision.
So, we hopped in the car and made the hour drive to Columbus. When we got there we could not believe that Siri had brought us to this building. From the outside, it was in the middle of a neighborhood and looked like it did not belong! But, we didn’t drive an hour for nothing, so we went in. To our surprise, the inside was awesome! They had friendly staff who greeted us upon entering, they had price lists/ pictures on flat screen TVs, they had portfolio books, and a waiting area. The staff was super thorough with checking my ID, going through paperwork, explaining jewelry choices, and prices.
Once back in the room, the piercer, Mike, explained how the piercing was going to go. I was super nervous about dropping my pants in front of a random stranger, but Mike made me feel at ease. I was not worried at all about that, just the needle going through a thin piece of SENSITIVE skin.
The piercing HURT, like, probably an 8/10. In my opinion, it hurt more than my nipple piercings, but the nipple piercings ached longer. The VCH hurt for maybe a half hour and then I’d forgotten all about it.
Since then, I ONLY go to Piercology, and I recommend them to anyone who’s considering piercings. I have been back multiple times as I now have: fourth set of earlobes, a new cartilage, tragus, double forward helix, nipples, and VCH.
If you’re ever in the central Ohio region, check out Piercology! They are soooo worth it 

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