By Taylor N. from Wisconsin

Taylor's belly ring

While walking down the strip during my spontaneous trip to Las Vegas, I decided to get my belly button pierced. I walked into Planet Hollywood, found a piercing shop, and filled out the paperwork. Ten minutes later, I was lying on a table watching my stomach get wiped with disinfectants. The piercer pinched the skin around my navel and pushed the ring in. At first there was no pain; then I felt it and it hurt. I got off the table, pulled my shirt down, thanked the piercer, and left. About thirty minutes later, when I got back to my hotel, I admired my new piercing. It still hurt and I could see why- a nerve had been hit. A large inflamed area was branching out of my navel and covering a large portion of the right side of my stomach. I put some ice on it and let it be. By the next day, the inflamed area had lessened and it hurt much less. For roughly a week, my piercing looked and felt great. Then I started noticing my piercing was becoming inflamed again, and it eventually turned into a full on infection. When I had my piercing done, the piercer never gave me any cleaning agents or instructions for keeping it clean. After a lot of internet research, I learned that I should not take my belly ring out because then the holes would close up and keep the infection trapped. Instead, I found some piercing cleaner that a friend of mine had left over and I cleaned my piercing multiple times a day. It took about a month, but eventually the infection cleared. I have now had my navel pierced for about a year and a half and have not had any more problems with it. I love my piercing and would recommend a navel piercing to anyone. My biggest tip is to do research and find a reputable place to get the piercing done; check reviews and ask if they have pictures of piercings they have done. I must say that the best part about having a piercing is being able to express yourself with different body jewelry.