By Janet B. from Orlando, FL

I was in a relationship for many years in which piercing was considered an unforgivable action. (I didn’t even get my ears pierced until we were divorced and I was 42 years old.) I had tried non-piercing nipple jewelry on several occasions and really liked the look and the sensations that it gave me. I had always wondered how it would compare to truly have my nipples pierced. My new spouse was as interested in the idea as I was, so in December of 2005 I had both nipples pierced. It was much more painless than I thought it would be and the procedure took very little time. The entire experience has been very rewarding and I love the feel of the jewelry.

Not only have my piercings increased the sensitivity and uniqueness of my nipples, it allows me to tastefully add the flash and sparkle of fine jewelry to my appearance. My girlfriends have all expressed interest in getting pierced as well whenever they hear about my experiences. Two of them are going to be getting their piercings as soon as we can coordinate a time to go. You can rest assured, I am going to point them to all of the best places to buy jewelry.

Probably the only mildly uncomfortable moment I experienced was when my mother noticed the bottle of antiseptic that was required to use while the piercings healed. She questioned the fact that my ears had healed quite a few months before and why did I have the antiseptic. It was a little hard to explain to her, but she now continues to be as fascinated with the piercings as my girlfriends and even told my grandmother about it! My grandmother asked “Did you do this for Greg?” My response was “No, I did this for me!”

I just love the feeling of my body jewelry and the way it makes me feel so pretty and sexy. By the way, my husband loves the way it looks and even encourages me to expand my jewelry collection! I have always found the widest selection of high quality jewelry at and can’t wait for my next online shopping excursion.