Shay P.


So I have always found ear piercings intriguing. Over the years I have gotten several piercings. However, I had not experienced a piercing with a needle. Let me start at what led me in the direction of getting my ear pierced by the needle. I started noticing the different kind of earrings that people were wearing…I thought it looked way better then the average earrings. At this particular time I knew nothing about gauges, piercing needles and etc. I wanted “cool” jewelry like the ones I was seeing around and I thought about the fact that I’ve always wanted my cartilage pierced but I had heard so many horror stories about it. What really began to draw me in was when I saw my cousin’s industrial piercing. I asked questions but never thought to ask how it was done. So one day I decided to go to the mall and get pierced (with the dreaded gun). Of course I eventually discovered that I should have went to a “professional” piercer. I was not satisfied at all with the mundane piercing. I started researching body piercings and the tools required to achieve them. I was terrified of the needle when I saw it. I mean who would such a thing that appears to take out a small pinch of skin? Eventually I got the courage to get it done.My piercer was very professional and I tried not to look at the needle in the pack. We discussed the type of jewelry I wanted. I went with the circular horseshoe ring. The piercer advised me that this would be easier to clean during the healing process which it was. She cleaned the area we talked about and told me to take a deep breathe….when she told me to let it out…in the needle went. The piercing didn’t hurt as much as I thought it would. It’s a mind thing I guess you can say. Afterward we discussed how to care for the piercing. It was simple…clean with antibacterial hand soap and try not to manipulate it. I say that everything was going great until I got the ring caught in my hair brush after having my piercing about a month…It started to bleed and about a week later a “piercing bump” begin to form. I started to research this and found that it happens and with extra care it would go away. I began a routine of cleaning along with sea salt soaks. I just dipped a cotton ball in a mixture of non iodized sea salt and warm water and applied it to my piercing until it cooled. I also used an aspirin paste (dissolved one aspirin in a tad bit of water). I left the aspirin paste on overnight. It did the trick. The bump disappeared in a week. Every piercing is unique. This is what worked for me. There is more than enough information online that can help someone decide if a certain piercing will work for them. I am so ready for another piercing!!!!!