Patty E.


I got my first “real” piercing when I was 17. I had been interested in body modification since I was 12-13. Everyone always tries to say “it’s a phase” or “what will you do when you get older?” Well I can say 13 years later I still have that first real piercing among others and I hold a great full time job and a bachelors degree.
That first real piercing was my tongue which is actually double pierced now. These were the least painful piercings I have ever had. I was anxious and nervous for the first one. The clamps hurt and are awkward. The piercer had opened everything in front of me and was calm through the entire thing. He explained how to care for the piercings before he started. He also gave me the aftercare directions on an index card. He told me to take a breath in and on the exhale the needle went through so easy and effortlessly. I felt a relief as it was over and a sense of accomplishment. The one piercing I had wanted for so long is finally real to me. The healing is the worst part but after 3 days the swelling went down and I was back to normal food. I do recommend ice chips and soft foods.
The second time around I was still just as excited and nervous. This was 2 years after the first one. I went to a different place which was extremely thorough. The piercer had to be about 8 to 9 months pregnant. This pregnant belly was pushed up against me as she pierced my tongue, her shirt had baby on board across it. She thought me and my friend were crazy. My friend was there getting her third hole in her Gene Simmons like tongue. I will never forget the days following. We decided to go on a deep sea fishing trip. Bad idea. We both got sea sick since the water was extremely choppy. Throwing up with a swollen tongue is not easy. It took a little longer to heal but after a week things were back normal.
I guess I’m pretty lucky since these piercings don’t affect my speech whatsoever and are rarely noticed by anyone. I can’t imagine not having them.