Megan R.
Hi there! My name is Megan, most people call me Meg or muggin(nickname). Anywho! I am here to tell you about my nose piercing experience but first I’d like to rant about my first professional piercing, my navel. I got it when I turned 18 because it was something easy to cover. I had already had my lip pierced and my hips. I wasn’t expecting anything to go wrong! So I went to a man that has been doing piercings locally for years upon years. Seems like everyone I knew recommended him. Okay, so I get it pierced. I had no idea there were specific types of jewelry for a navel piercing! So after the first year of having it done I wanted to change it. I could not get it out! No one could. I went to another professional piercing shop while I was on vacation, they took one look and told me it’s not even healed, it was pierced crooked and the jewelry was the wrong kind(cheaper), so my body was rejecting it. So they changed it to a quality navel barbell, needless to say it felt so much better and looked better. I eventually had to take it out because I was later having a baby(a few years later). So any way! That was a terrible experience. Now! My nose piercing was actually pretty awesome! I was so scared. I’ve wanted it done since my navel. But I’ve been too terrified of it getting messed up or the piercer not being professional. I finally got the nerve to do it! I searched and searched for somewhere I could trust. I ended up going out of state for it because I’m so skeptical! The place I went to was referred to me by a friend. Her nose looked awesome so I trusted her. I went, the place is so clean, the people are friendly, and they are so professional! They made sure I was comfortable and ready before touching me with a needle. They told me every thing they were doing every step of the way. It’s been roughly two weeks since I got it done and I can say I am very please with the outcome! It never got red or swollen. Only stayed a little sore for a couple days. It only felt sore when if yawn. It did start getting a tad red but then I finally got my h2ocean spray from you guys and since then, it has been a breeze! You guys are awesome! Thanks for being an awesome seller/company to buy from!