By: Kaitlyn S.  From: Utica, NY


When I was 18- after having two lip piercings, my eyebrow pierced, and multiple ear piercings- I decided a nose piercing was next. I was out with my Friend, Audrey, and decided to just stop into the local tattoo shop and get it done. I laid down on the table, not even nervous as I had so many other piercings AND tattoos already. The needle went in and my eyes just started gushing tears. It hurt SO bad. Blood streaming down the side of my face. I felt like such a baby. I honestly believe they did it wrong. Later on, I find out a newbie at the shop did it. Like, what the hell?? “let’s have the new kid try piercings noses!”??? Needless to say, I am 26 now and still have my nose pierced. I have dropped down to only one lip piercing. which is a story in itself. Each piercing/tattoo I have has a story attached to it and I think that’s awesome.Memories of being a teenager and at any time I could just stop and get something pierced or tattooed. I am a mom now and things just aren’t that simple. I’m waiting for the say my daughter comes up to me and wants her nose pierced.. I’ll say sure and hold her hand along the way, and definitely make sure the person doing it, has experience! That’s my story and I know I am not at the 350 word mark yet. But I REALLY need a new lip ring and nose ring or something!!!