By: Ariel From: Alabama



My name is Ariel and my piercing story is pretty simple, nothing out of the ordinary. After about a week of thought I decided to get my tongue pierced. I just started college this past August, its my first time living away from home. I now have the freedom to get tattoos and piercings and basically whatever I want to do. The only catch is that I’m the youngest of four children. My brothers and sisters have piercings and tattoos, the only piercing I had was my ears and my mom let me pierce my belly button when I was 16. At first I wanted to get a tattoo but I dont think that I am ready for that type of pain yet so I opted out for the tongue ring. I went downtown to the tattoo shop with my roommate and a few of their friends. I was the only one that was going to get pierced. I walked into the shop and spoke to the piercer, I let her know that I wanted my tongue pierce, she had me fill out the release form for the piercing. My piercer also gave me the option to choose my tongue ring I got colorful acrylic end beads instead of the plain old silver ones. She had me sit down on a long table, I guess they use that for tattoos. She told me to stick my tongue out, she dried off my tongue and marked it for the placement of the piercing. When she put the clamps on I thought I was getting pierced LOL boy was I wrong. She proceeded to tell me to take a deep breathe and breathe out and as I was breathing out OUUUUCH! The needle was going through my tongue. It was pretty painful, but it was worth it. Thank God for 711 because we we there right after to get me a nice ice cold froze icee to help soothe my new tongue ring.