By Christina, From Indiana



I dont really have a fancy story about my piercings, I love body piercings I have been piercing myself since I could remember. When I was in the 9th grade I pierced my lip with safety pin. I wouldnt recommend it but when I was younger I did alot of temporary piercing. I also pierced my eyebrow which is still pierced to this day. My parents really didnt agree with piercings or tattoos but all of my siblings had them, my older brother is a tattoo artist and runs his own shop. When I was in college I worked in his shop part time for extra money while I was in school. I loved being in the atmosphere of the tattoos and piercings. The piercer there was extremely nice and would let me watch him do piercings. He started to train me as well, I eventually got certified and started working as a part time piercer there. After finishing school I continued to work in my brothers shop piercing. After a while I had kind of run out of places to pierce so I decided to get into surface piercings even though they dont last long I just love piercings. The first surface piercing I did was my anti eyebrow which started to reject about 3 months on having it. After going to a tattoo convention and seeing a few people with nape piercings I just had to have one, I had my partner at the shop pierce my nape. This time I did my surface piercings with a surface barbell. I have had my nape pierced for 7 months and no sign of rejection yet. I love it its one of the few that were not done by me.