By: Maryann From: Colorado



My name is Maryann and this is the story of my labret it all started on Saturday night when I went to go and get my 3 tattoo with a friend of mine, my friend was getting his tongue pierced and I was getting some new ink on my upper left shoulder. I was pretty jealous of the piercing I really wanted my tongue pierced but I was extremely scared to do that and as I was talking to the tattoo artist he suggested a labret monroe. I didn’t know if it would fit me but hey it would satisfy my craving for a new piercing so I went along with it. After my tattoo was done I went directly to the piercer to get my labret done. I’m pretty terrified of needles not as much with tattoos because you can’t really see it, the needle is in a machine but a big piercing needle no way! The piercer was really nice he calmed me down and assured me that it wasn’t going to be bad at all. Easy for him to say he was covered in piercings and had tattoos in his face so clearly nothing hurts him LOL. Long story short my labret wasn’t painful at all and it’s one of the most memorable piercings I have.