By Candace from: Texas



My piercing craze started when I was 19, I was on winter break from school. I came home to visit from college and my older brothers were so happy to see that I finally got inked. I got my first tattoo on my back. I’m the only girl the baby to be exact so I thought my parents would freak out at my tattoo but surprisingly they didn’t… It was the night before I was scheduled to go back to school and my brothers and I went out. My oldest brother really wanted to get a tattoo with his girlfriend so we ended up at the tattoo. She got a tattoo on her foot and he finished a back piece he had been working on for a while. If you can’t tell by now my family is pretty modified. While sitting in the midst of it all I couldn’t help but want something! I figured hey why not a labret? I love the look of the monroe piercing I could imagine it now a cute little diamond stud in my labret. I hopped up told the guy behind the counter that I wanted a lip piercing. He called the piercer up and they had me fill out some paperwork and I walked to the piercing room. The piercer was awesome he pierced with quickly and virtually painlessly. Since then I have also pierced my nose… and there are more piercings to come!