By: Kasi W From: State College, PA

Kasi's Industrial piercing


For my 18th birthday my mother took me to her friends tattoo shop to get my industrial piercing done. I was so happy and it looked great and was healing pretty well. I realized though that I could not fit any bars that had something in the middle of it, which did not bother me too much at the time. After about six months a bump appeared out of nowhere and grew rapidly till I was forced to take it out. I had it eventually removed and went back to get my other industrial done. Since then it has healed amazingly and so far it is not getting any keloids. I finally can put better and nicer looking industrial barbells  in it and it compliments my ear so well. It still gets irritated every now and then if I spend too many nights sleeping with a bar that is not considered a straight bar. The pain of this piercing is barely anything, to me at least. Both times they just pierced the first hole gave me a few minutes and then pushed it through the second hole. When they put the ball on though and tighten it, that was probably the worst pain of all! Sleeping when first getting it pierced is very annoying especially if you are one of those people who tosses and turns. Because whenever you roll on top of it, the pain instantly wakes you up. If this is your first piercing, you become more noticeable of how much you hit your ear. Girls, if you put your hair behind your ears (when it is first done) you smack it hard and it becomes painful or maybe bleeds a little and sticks to your hair. Its not fun. I have had people hug me and it pinches and then it will throb for 20 minutes. First one i had done did bleed a little, but not until 20 minutes after. It started bleeding pretty bad for no reason, but I found it normal and just cleaned it up. Sea salt soaks are the best for this in my opinion. I would do one every other day. It is kinda strange laying on top of a bowl and having my hearing in that hear listening to the quietness of water. After awhile I just did some antibacterial soap and water which was a lot easier. I think this is by far my most favored piercing and I highly recommend it to anyone who is considering one!