image1Well this is my story about my industrial piercing. I got it pierced almost a year ago and it has done amazing since day one. I have had a total of 20 piercings in the past two years, now I only have 11. I have had my smiley, both traguses, angel bites, double belly button rings, three ear lobe piercings (including my first hole stretched to 1/2 inch.) Now i have my lobes down to 0 gauge, one tragus, snakebites, my tongue, industrial, conch, rook, and both sides of my nose pierced. All of my piercings healed beautifully and quickly with no problems.
That was just a background of my piercing history, now back to the main topic of my story. Like i said i had my industrial pierced almost a year ago, i had it done at home but with all sterilized equipment (clean; new needle, gloves, new jewelry the right size for swelling, and a semi-experienced piercer.) I trusted this piercer because he had done all my other piercings at the time and i was super excited to get this piercing, i waited three months to get it after heavy amounts of research of reactions and how to keep it well cleaned.
I got it done and it hurt like a bitch but i was prepared for that. I have an extremely high pain tolerance so none of my other piercings hurt but that one was some painful shit. Everyone warned me that it would take six months to heal and they would be agonizing. For me it was only swollen for a week and it was completely healed after three weeks. I only had to sleep on the opposite side for a week and it was back to normal sleeping.
I know the only reason all my piercings healed well is because i took great care of them. For my industrial i cleaned it with dial soap (antibacterial) 3 times a day and for the first few days i soaked it in a sea salt solution (1/4 tbs of sea salt + 1 cup of warm to hot water) for five minutes every time it started to feel sore. After the swelling went down i only soaked it twice a day (when i woke up and before bed.)
I have loved my industrial since i got it. I have had no problems with it even when changing jewelry.
A couple of weeks ago i bought some industrial bars from this site and i LOVE them. They are so cute and in beautiful colors. In the picture attached i am wearing one (just a basic straight barbell.) I definitely plan on buying more from this site.
So that was my industrial story i hope you enjoyed it.