By Anderson, L. From: Green Bay, WI


When I wanted to get my industrial piercing all I could think of was how cool it looked, so I went to a reputable place that has a registered nurse on duty and got it pierced. I’ll admit I went in thinking it may hurt a bit (you’re shoving metal through skin it’s going to hurt) but I was un-prepared for how much. It was the most painful piercing I have and I have a bunch, so after it was pierced I kept looking at it thinking how cool I looked until the next day.
The next day my ear had swollen so much I looked like I had a fake ear or some kind of prank ear, and of course it throbbed like crazy and was just very painful it was even painful for air to hit it. And no matter how well or often I cleaned it, it stayed that way for about days. I was worried that it was mega infected and someday I would wake up with an ear laying on my bed. After the initial “swollen” period it started to look like I had an honest to goodness ear (complete with a kick butt industrial!)
Then I noticed a sore lump on the inner part of the piercing hole, I found out from my piercer that I had a keloid which develops from the piercing being hit too often and she gave me some ideas on how to reduce the size and hopefully eventually I’ll just have a kick butt industrial piercing that looks normal.
I’ll never regret my choice to get my industrial even through all the pain and un-fun that it was I still love the look of it and enjoy people’s reactions to seeing it.