Maureen M.

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I had wanted my industrial for about 5 years before I actually went to my piercing shop in Brooklyn, NYC to get it. And luckily, when I went to go get it the piercer told me that I had the perfect ear for it. I had researched it a lot before I went, and a bunch of people said that it was the most painful ear piercing they had. Being that as far as piercings go, I only have my two lobe piercings, I was prepared for a pretty painful experience, but when I got there the piercer was extremely comforting and it ended up being a pretty tolerable pain level. Afterwards, it wasn’t very uncomfortable, except for a warm “glow” that made my ear feel hot and inflamed. Sleeping, however, was extremely uncomfortable for the next 2-3 weeks and I couldn’t lie on that side. It’s been 2 months later, and I still can’t sleep on that side without facing major irritation and a keloid that lasts for a week or so. It’s definitely a piercing that requires a lot of commitment to cleaning, too. I clean mine 2 times a day and by the second cleaning it’s already a bit crusty again and definitely needs a cleaning. Another thing that I found in my research is that most people let their piercings get infected because they aren’t cleaning it or taking care of it the way they’re supposed to. My piercer also said that to me when he was explaining how diligent I had to be about cleaning it regularly, especially because you can’t just take the piercing out when it does get infected, and it’s painful. It happens mostly with the fistula (piercing hole) higher up in the ear and closer to your head, since it’s constantly touching your hair and getting hit or pulled at. One last bit of advice if you’re looking to get an industrial is not to play with it, even after it feels healed and no longer hurts. Now that it doesn’t directly hurt me, I find myself lifting my hand up to play with it, and I have to remember to stop myself. Anyway, if you plan on getting the piercing, it looks amazing, but it also takes a lot of commitment to take care of it!