By: Kara From: Ohio



I was in my freshmen year of college when I got my first tattoo and I had to save up for so long just to get that done. I have always wanted my cartilage pierced in my ear. Where I was going to school all of the tattoo shops were like $60 for an ear piercing and for me at the time that was a lot of money for a student with no job. So my roommate and I decided that we would do it ourselves. As long as we were sterile what could go wrong right? So we went on ebay and ordered the piercing needles, captive bead rings and aftercare. Once our package came in we were extremely excited the deal was I was going to piercer her helix and she would pierced mine. We had to get gloves from wal-mart and we had our own little piercings station. I sat extremely still as she pushed the needle through my ear, after the needle went through my ear we didn’t quite know how to use the captive bead ring so after about 30 minutes of fighting with the end bead on the captive bead ring my piercing was complete. I still have my helix pierced to this day as well as my old roommate and now best friend each time I look at my ear I think of her.