By Tee P. from Roosevelt, NY

Tee's Belly Button Ring

On my 17th birthday, I had no idea what I wanted to do, a party? Go out with friends? Dinner and movie? I had no idea and knowing myself I’ve always waited until the last minute to plan something. When I finally decided to do something, I decided on getting a piercing. I told all of my friends at the time and surprising they wanted to get a piercing as well. So we made it a DATE lol!

On my birthday everyone was going to get a piercing. When the day finally came I was so pumped, until we got into the piercing shop, my nerves were kicking in. Since it was my birthday, of course the birthday girl got to go first! I decided to get my belly button pierced so the piercer had me lay down on what seem to be an iceberg, the chair was ice cold. I picked what ring I wanted and he began to prepare the tools he needed. Meanwhile, all my friends were watching with amazement with all their camera phones out, I was shaking in the chair. The piercer told me I would be fine and it would be quick. So he then proceeded. He cleaned around the area and started questioning me, what are your plans for the rest of your birthday? Are you having cake? What about a party? Etc. Unaware of questioning me was his way to distract me. After the last question he said “you’re all done”!

I was completely shocked, I didn’t feel a thing! I was so relieved, because I was so afraid of it hurting but I was so distracted in answering his questions I didn’t realize he pierced it already. He cleaned me up and I was so pleased with the results, it was so pretty. I immediately took pictures in the surrounding mirrors while I waited for my other friends to get pierced. After we were all done, he thanked us and gave us a coupon for half-off our next piercing. I later came back and got my tongue pierced. I am now nineteen and still in love with my piercing.