By: Eric From: Texas


I wanted to give a huge shout out to Ashleigh for helping direct me toward the correct jewelry for ear stretching, which I had done today!  Being in THE big D, I first had to research a great shop not full of cow pies as this city is know for trash talking and very bad piercers. I found a great one & google helped direct me to your site so I knew what to get & why to get it.  AWESOME choice, I even gave away’s discount card for 20% off coupons to three different people looking for jewelry, good jewelry, & unable to find it until now! I sat back, let him sterilize my picks from and then it was tapering & bought bullets w/O rings, easy sailing, no issues, no pain, look stellar! I also had a barbell put across the top of my right ear. Now its time to keep it clean and tapering down another size.  Got to see a blow-out that had to be repaired & realized real fast, its NO joke. So far my piercing experience has been awesome Aussies.


Waiting patiently now for the next stretch…three weeks or so from today.