Kyle T.


So I don’t write rants, raves or reviews very much, but I figured I’d try with this. First off, this is my first piercing. I decided to get my septum pierced because I truly love how it looks, and I don’t know if I’ll get anymore mostly because they don’t interest me as much. Well getting started on my experience. I had it pierced by someone I know so I got my kit from and it came with everything that’s needed, I was worried about the forceps being plastic but they were sturdy and well made and they did their job well. So I had the person do it and it only took like fifteen to twenty minutes, but she was taking her time and making sure it was done right. I thought it would hurt a lot more than it did but it was actually pretty painless minus the expected watering of the eyes from stabbing yourself in the nose. After the needle went through we put the piercing through and viola it’s done. That’s about it pretty straight-forward quick and easy and it looks great with the horseshoe piercing that was supplied with the kit. The next day i purchased a smaller horseshoe piercing to switch with the one it came with ( I know bad thing to do ) but that was only because I needed to flip it up for work. That process was a little uncomfortable but not that bad. I would recommend having someone with some kind of experience do it for you only because i think that was the biggest reason mine was so quick and easy, but truthfully you could do it yourself as long as you take your time to do it right but I wouldn’t if you have someone who’s willing to help. The aftercare for me is a little uncomfortable but I think that because I flipped it up for work but it’s worth it so it doesn’t get infected. Well really that’s about all I have to say, all in all I love the piercing and it was surprising easy to do. I will definitely be recommending the kit I got to people I know just from the quality and price alone.