By Tina From: Houston, TX



I got my first piercing when I was in high school I always wanted my belly pierced just the thought of having a belly ring was awesome, at the time all of my friends were getting piercings. Most of them were getting industrials and other cartilage piercings but I really wanted my belly pierced, I played soccer and I couldn’t play with an industrial in so my mom agreed to let me get my belly pierced. On my 16th birthday she took me to the shop along with a few of my friends to get it done. I was extremely excited, I was nervous too I was afraid that it was going to hurt. When I got in the piercers chair my mom stood next to me and held my hand as she could see the fear in my face I was so scared that I jumped when he put the markers on me for the piercing.After he marked my belly button for placement of the ring he talked me through the rest of the steps so I didnt freak out, next he put the clamps on me and told me to take a deep breath in and take a deep breath out which was more like a scream because of the pain. The good thing about my piercing is that I didn’t have any healing complications and I was still able to play soccer without it interfering which was great!