By: Tammy From: Wisconsin



I was 7 years old when i got my ear pierced, it was a scary experience, I didn’t really know what to expect.My mother pierced my ears with a needle and thread at home. It was some 45yrs ago . I really wanted them pierce and there was no shop to go to, so my mother decided to pierce them. It didn’t hurt at all, i hardly felt the needle. She had me lay down across her lap, she put ice on my ears to help numb them and she slid the needle through and followed that up with the earring. It was was very quick, but it was a memorable experience. I do not have any other body piercings but my earlobes were very memorable for me because my mother did the piercing so each time I look at my earrings it reminds me of my mother. I thought about getting a second hole put in but I’m not sure if I should do that just yet.