By Eileen From: Tennessee



After I got my second hole pierced in high school, I suddenly became obsessed with piercings. I don’t have any tattoos but my friends that do started out with one and now have a few, so I guess tattoos and piercings are just as addictive. The only reason why I haven’t gone piercing crazy is because one day I going to have to get a professional job and as a nurse I can’t wear snake bites in my lips, so I have to find a way to satisfy my piercing drive someway somehow. So I decided to start out with another ear piercing, I didn’t know what to get, at the time industrial piercings were extremely popular but I was to chicken to do it LOL. I decided to start out with my helix… typical right? I know but it was simple enough for me, I made an appointment with the piercer at a local tattoo shop not to far from my house. Finally the day had arrived I got to the shop filled out the necessary paperwork to get pierced and I was ready. The piercing was quick and easy it was virtually painless. The piercer was hilarious we talked and laughed through the whole piercing, I’m thinking about doing my other ear now :).