Carol From Tennessee


I got my eyebrow pierced about 3 weeks ago, it was my first official body piercing. I have had my ears pierced since birth and I have always wanted to get something pierced but really and truly I was always too scared to actually do it. It was about a week after my 18 birthday when I finally conjured up the courage to go and get my eyebrow pierced. I always like the look of an eyebrow piercing and I figured it couldn’t hurt too much. I made my way down to my local tattoo shop I didn’t have any jitters I wasn’t nervous at all, I really surprised myself. I filled out some paperwork that the piercer gave me and he let me pick my eyebrow ring which was awesome. I sat down on the table in the piercing room, he began to prep my eyebrow for the piercing he made sure  I liked where it was going to go and he pierced me. I barely felt a thing for it to be my first piercing experience it went extremely well.