Sonya G.



Hello, I’m Sonya and these are my dermal piercing stories. Please keep in mind with any piercings that no matter what your age, every piercing you have, like tattoos are a form of self expression and art so wear them proudly and let the haters hate… I know I do and although I didn’t start doing a lot of my piercings until my mid thirties, I have experienced and still rock today every single one of them proudly with the exception of a couple that just in bad spots for my body or just weren’t meant to be! I’ve even had to do a couple more than once! This being said, I love and have a story behind most of my piercings! Due to the intriguing places and ways piercings are done, I’ve learned and have been doing piercings for a couple of years both with successes and failures. My first facial dermal I did was done with the biopsy punch by my eye. Simultaneously switching sides, i pierced three times on one side and twice on the other side with it rejecting 4 of the 5 times. I didn’t know the other four times that I was setting the “boot” under the skin the wrong way lol. So I went to a friends shop and had it done the fifth and final time and it has not rejected! Go figure huh!? I love it cuz I order the dermal tops from and the various colors I order allow me to change and wear the color to match my outfits! Now my dermal chest piercing was just redone for a third try about 6 weeks ago now and is still in the healing process, so I can’t change the tops out just yet, but very soon! The first two attempts were set perfectly, just placed in areas that made contact with my clothing, jewelry, etc that would catch and got caught enough to irritate and force rejection. So far, this third one has been placed seemingly in the perfect spot and is doing great! Can’t wait to and will be ordering more colors and different sizes to compliment my always changing clothing outfits!