Katrina L.


This is my experience about getting my cheeks pierced, I’m constantly asked if they hurt, if they are bars or just dermals…etc. first off, no, I did not have dimples before I got my cheeks pierced but even after I take them out, I will have dimples as I’ve had my piercings for two years. Yes, it did hurt when I get them pierced, I mean, it’s a huge ass needle going through my cheek! What do you think? I did swell up for a week & they were very tender but overall, they were very low maintenance. The biggest problem I do have w/ them is sometime they get angry. They do swell up & I hafta drain them but overall, I luv them & I don’t plan on ever taking them out. One tip I could give to anyone considering getting them done is to be prepared to give them constant tlc & be prepared to baby them as far as putting in different size bars when they flare up. I have 19 piercings & these are by far the most temperamental ones I have. Yes, the bar does go thru my cheek & I have a standard labret bar in: ball on one end & a flat disk on the other end that’s in my mouth. These are by far my most fav piercings & I wish all those luck who’s considering getting them 🙂