Kimberly S.


Hello there my name is Kimberly and I am a 29 year old female with two body piercings: My belly button and my nose. My very first piercing was my belly button. I remember that day very well, it was April 2nd, the day after my eighteenth birthday. You see I had been bugging my mom to let me pierce my belly button since I was fifteen and she wouldn’t give in but she knew that once I turned eighteen that it was all over and I was going to pierce my belly button then. She didn’t think it would be the day after anyways I woke up took a shower and headed over to my best friend and adopted sister Tiffany’s house, I knew that she would go with me to hold my hand because at this point I was so excited and yet super worried that it was going to hurt really bad. So after bugging her to go with me and calling the tattoo and body piercing shop to see how much it was going to cost, we went. Now at this point I’m getting nervous, but Tiffany is there and we go in. I tell the girl at the counter what I want and give her my ID. She asks me who did my ID because it looks like a real ID ( I am 5’0 and weigh 95 pounds, I don’t look a day over 12) So the owner and piercing expert comes over and checks it out laughs and I pay for the piercing. Now I am really nervous and sitting in the chair. He puts the clamps on and tells he’s going to count to three, and I tell him to stop I can’t do this… he takes the claps off and me and Tiffany walk outside. Tiffany then tells me “What are you doing? You already paid for piercing?!” I tell her “I can’t, its going to hurt!” “Let’s go!!!” She tells me no get your ass back in there you already paid for it and I’m here it’s going to hurt then it’s done let’s go! So I went back in. After being teased for a moment we go back to the chair… (I didn’t know Tiffany told him to wait a moment that we would be back) I get clamped and we start the count but this time on one there was a needle being shoved through my belly button. But by the time he got to three it was done and the ball was being put on the ring. Needless to say that I am thankful for my sister Tiffany who actually stuck by my side and made me do it.