Destiny B., Florida


On November 1, 2014 I decided to get my belly button pierced. I went to my local tattoo shop in Hollywood, Fl. I was nervous at first but I calmed myself down. I was nervous because I have no tattoos and I have no piercings besides my ears that I got done when I was a baby. I was also worried because I am underage (16) and in order to get it done at a tattoo shop you have to have parent consent and an i.d. or something with a recent picture of you and your information but I just switched schools and I didn’t have any type of i.d. so I had to use my ACT admission ticket with a picture of me on it so I gave the manager the admission ticket along with the money. Two girls were before me to get their belly button pierced. There was also two women that came in and one of the women wanted a tattoo on her rear end and the manager made funny jokes to make everyone feel comfortable. I was kinda scared but I went ahead and got it done. The manager cleaned around the belly button, used a marker to put dots to where the belly ring would go. After he put the dots he told me that my belly button was leaning and if it was alright to put it there and if I wanted it somewhere else and I said “No that’s fine.” He then made sure the needle was clean and pierced my belly button. I had a feeling he was almost done because I felt the ball of the belly ring being screwed on. I got up and he said “well you’re all done” and I smiled and said “Thank You.” I asked the manager “What do I have to do when it comes to cleaning it?” He said “You can clean it 2-3 times a day with antibacterial soap in the shower every.” And others told me I can use hot water and sea salt so that’s exactly what I use right now.