By Taylor F. from USA

When I first got my belly button pierced, it was by my friend, not a professional piercer, but a piercer in the making. I was over my friends’ house, for a party, and I had been complaining about how I wanted it pierced, but was too lazy to go have it done, pay for it to be done, etc. So there we were, sitting on her bedroom floor, she had piercing needles, alcohol to clean the surface, everything a normal piercer would and should have, and I braced myself for the pain, I was expecting a really painful experience, but surprisingly, it didn’t hurt at all, didn’t bleed at all either- and I went on my merry way and actually went to a basketball game the same night, and totally even forgot it was pierced, since it didn’t hurt at all, didn’t even swell one bit.

My friend did a perfect job piercing it, knowing exactly where to put the needle through, and made sure that it was perfectly lined up on both sides. Whenever playing around with guys, they literally always compliment my belly button out of all my piercings, as weird as it sounds. I think it’s the most attractive piercing, besides industrial, and cartilage, and definitely hurts a lot less than most piercings. Now I love my belly button piercing and it always reminds me of my freshman year in high school! If I was to recommend a piercing, it’d definitely be belly button piercing. It’s the easiest to hide, and not only that, it’s cute as hell, and belly button rings are so cute too! At the moment I’m rocking the dangling Italian flag ring from, and I love it to death. I wouldn’t change my belly button piercing for anything- and I definitely don’t regret getting it pierced, even if it wasn’t professionally done. It’s still perfectly pierced, I get tons of compliments on it, and it makes me look good so why would I regret it? I think you should go get it done right now to be honest, then go buy some cute rings from!