By Angelica H. from USA

So I have always wanted a dermal in my chest but I was not very sure about it. Then last summer I decided to do it. I was nervous at first because they were kind of uncommon and I was not sure if they would look right. But I still decided to do it anyway. I went with a friend for some support. When I walked in, I was getting excited because I have always loved how they looked. Plus the people there were very nice and that put me at ease. I sat on the chair and the journey began. First they make sure they are in the correct and exact place where you want them by marking two spots with a marker. Then you lay down and they poke a little hole where they are going to insert them. At first it feels like a lot of pressure and it feels like someone is pinching you hard in your chest. That pain only lasts about 5 minutes then it goes away and the pretty dermal is in. I got two so I felt that pressure all over again but it was worth it.

I really loved how my two dermals looked and they are not hard to take care of either. I wanted two more in my chest. I was not sure if it was going to be too much but I decided to get them anyway. I got two more at the end of last year for my birthday. This time I already knew what to expect so it was not bad at all. Besides, if the piercer knows what they are doing then the pain is very minimal. I finally have four dermals in my chest and I love them! If you want to get dermals but are unsure about it I would say just go for it. They look beautiful and are not painful like other piercings. They are also easy to take care of. But be aware that if you get dermals in places like hands or arms where you are constantly rubbing with stuff like clothes, then they could be more prone to infection or rejection. But the chest is an easy place to keep them clean and looking nice.