Melinda From Texas



My name is Melinda and my piercing story is about my awkward belly button ring. So since I was born with an innie/outtie belly button I could never get a regular belly piercing. The first time I tried to get it pierced was when I was 16 and my sister was 19 and she went to get a tattoo, the piercer told me straight out that he couldn’t pierce me because my belly button was an outtie. So I was a little sad for  a while and waited a few years, in that time I got 3 tattoos and an industrial piercing and tragus. About 3 months ago my best friend went to get her nipples pierced and of course I went with. When I was in the tattoo shop I asked again about my belly, he told me that he couldn’t pierce the rim of my navel so he told me that he could pierce my lower belly button. The piercing is called a reverse belly piercing. When he told me that he could do it, I was ecstatic. I filled out the information to get pierced, all the release paperwork and I was all ready. I got back to the piercing table and began to sweat I was so nervous I hadnt been pierced in so long, and everytime I get a tattoo or piercing I get butterflies in my tummy. The piercer talked my nerves down as he marked my belly for a straight piercing, I then laid down on the piercing table and bam he pierced me. I barely felt any pain, it went very well and he was an awesome piercer. I love my special little navel ring.