By Danyelle from Pittsfield, MA

It started when I was about 13. I fell in love with piercings. I’ve done most of them myself and the ones I did not do I had my local piercer/family friend do. I HATE needles. But for some reason don’t mind getting pierced or tattooed. I have had probably over 15 piercings. I know theirs plenty of people out their with WAY more! But this is my story 🙂 It started with a simple lip piercing, which then turned into spider bites after doing my spider bites on the left side I then did the right side. I had gauged them to 4’s. After my lip was complete I did my belly button which latter got ripped out and required me to get both sides of my belly button done they stayed at a 14g. Then my nose (only the right side) which was gauged to a 12. After my nose it was my tongue which I had pierced professionally with a 12 gauge and slowly went up to a 2. After my tongue I then did both nipples, They also stayed at a 14g. After my nipples I did my right eyebrow twice they were both 14’s. After having my son I had to take most of my piercings out as he had ripped out my belly ring and continued to try and rip out my others. The only one’s I have left today are my tongue, nose, both sides of my belly button and nipples. Tongue is now at and 8 and nose back down to a 20. Belly rings & nipples are still at 14’s. Well that’s a little bit of my story 🙂