By Ashley V. from San Antonio, TX

Ashley's Belly Button Ring

My big sister had 4 piercings in her belly button. I, of course, couldn’t wait to get my belly button pierced so I could be just like her. I was a little scared, not so much of the pain or the piercing itself, but of my parents finding out. I didn’t think they’d be too happy about it. Much to my surprise, on my 16th birthday my mother asked me if I wanted her to take me to the local piercing parlor. I was shocked but so excited. We made a whole mother daughter day out of the experience. We live in a small town so we had to drive about 20 minutes to the next town over. My ma picked me up from high school, we had lunch and headed to the funky little piercing joint. When we got there, I was nervous, but as I laid down on the table, one of my favorite songs came on, which helped me relax.

The guy touched my belly button and I clenched up, waiting for the pain. As I was waiting, he said, “Ok, all done.” I literally didn’t feel a thing. My ma asked if it hurt and when I told her no, I could see the wheels turning in her head. “Ya know, I think I want a piercing too,” she said. I thought she was kidding but before I knew it she was telling the guy she wanted her nose pierced. She had always wanted it, but my dad is super against it. I told her he’d get over it and it would grow on him (probably not true). We picked out a small stud for her and she got the piercing! The next day, I couldn’t wait to show my friends my belly button, and I definitely couldn’t wait to tell them my ma had spontaneously pierced her nose. My belly button was sore and bled on and off for awhile, but having my belly button pierced is a good memory. Sure, I love the ring, but really I love memory of going with my mother and sharing the experience together.