Kathrine R.


So my interesting piercing story would have to be my getting my Medusa, it was my very first piercing. I have 3 now, being my Medusa, my nose and my tongue. So let’s get to the story, it being my very first piercing I was really nervous to get it, I was actually debating between getting the Medusa or my nose. So the car ride over (I was taken by my friend where she had all hers done) I kept pinching my nose and my lip trying to which would hurt less, ended up picking my lip. I was super nervous sitting there in the chair, I have a low pain tolerance and anxiety when it comes to any kind of pain or expecting pain. So you know they get everything ready and mark the area, so he goes to pierce through and it only goes half way at first, he had to shove it through the rest. That was one of the most painful things I’ve felt. It wasn’t too bad after, until I tried to eat normal later that night and it got caught on my teeth and pulled half way through the hole….that hurt worse than the initial piercing. The irony in all though…..my nose didn’t hurt at all when that was done, neither did my tongue. LOL so that’s my interesting story, added on to that I work at a place where facial piercings aren’t allowed, for two weeks I had to take it out and every time I put it back it was just like when I got it done, just with less blood haha. Fun stuff, but I deal with it because I love my piercings and I will never regret them.