By Jay P. from Antelope, CA


My piercing story begins all the way back to the end of my freshman year in highschool. I’m now a senior so this was at least four years back. I’m not very much of a piercing person but for some reason at that time in my life I desperately wanted a piercing. After considering where I wanted to be pierced at I decided my belly button since my tongue and face were off limits. So being the young kid that I was I didn’t think of what it entailed to get pierced. When I went in there I was so nervous. Everything went fine until she pulled out the huge needle. I did not expect that for sure. But everything went fine and I got it pierced. The piercing took a whole year to heal so I was hesitant to get my belly pierced again at a shop again because of the setting. So since that first time getting my belly button pierced I only get pierced at home because it makes me more comfortable. My bestfriend coincidentally wants to be a piercer. So when I was 16 and she was 15 we decided to start piercings on me. I used my card and bought all the supplies online so we could pierce properly. So we got it all together and we pierced my second one for fun. That piercing went well and then I started wanting another one. I heard a girl talk about how people have gotten four piercings on their belly and I was eager to try it. So we pierced my third hole on the right side of my belly button and it went fine. The piercing just like the one before it healed fine and it looks good. Now my fourth hole was the biggest pain in the butt. It took a total of three times to pierce that side and get it good. The first time everything went fine and we got the bar through. Now im a very stubborn person so I dont take adivce very well. Well it started to bleed and my friend suggested taking it out but I said no it’ll stop like an idiot. Well we went on an hour walk and then I went to pull up my pants and that’s when I found all the blood. During the whole walk my belly button had been bleeding and gushing out blood like no other. For some reason it wouldn’t clott. Come to find out she hit a pretty big vein in my belly button since she went a little deep. I tried not to freak out but it was bleeding like all hell. After taking it out it was still bleeding and so we looked up online how to stop bleeding. I ended up laying upside down off the bed while my friend told me to keep pressure on it. Well it stopped and everything was fine. When it healed it was time to redo it. I was so scared I was going to bleed. Well to help me my friend went not to deep. It ended up not being deep enough. There wasn’t much skin over the bar so it ended up ripping out. The healing process came and went and my friend finally persuaded me to finish it so I did and that piercing came out fine. Well that was some time ago. After that I started getting piercing mad. I said to myself, if people can do four what’s so wrong with doing eight? So about a month ago my friend pierced my two bottom ones so now I have six, she pierced them on the same night so I bled on the second one but it wasn’t to bad. But now I still have two more piercings to go and then ill have all eight of them done. That’s how im making my way around my belly button.