Body jewelry is a stylish and creative way to flaunt your unique persona to the world! Adorning the body with different metals and embellishing it with precious stones has been the norm for several centuries. Though the subject was considered to be taboo in many societies a couple of years back, today it is all about making a fashion statement with unique and chic pieces.

Ear and nose jewels, in the form of rings and studs are considered to be the most basic forms of body jewelry. But for all those adventurous souls out there, there are a large number of options available to explore! From naval and belly button rings, tongue and lip piercing jewels and eye brow barbells and rings – there is a lot that you can try on to make a difference with a bang!

If you are looking to shop for some attractive, affordable, stylish and safe body jewelry items for yourself, make sure that you check out the following tips in advance!

– You can go for specially crafted eclectic pieces and embellished stones to create a personal style statement. Shop in a renowned jewelry store to make sure that the material that the jewelry is crafted with is safe and does not cause any infections or irritations in the long run. Also, shopping at a renowned place will make selection easier because of the large number of choices available!

– Teenagers are especially into the viral fashion flare that comes with these exclusive jewelry items. With pop stars and rock icons flashing body jewelry in concerts and shows, a large number of teens tend to follow suit and adorn their bodies with personalized jewelry items. The affordable options available for youngsters are usually crafted with silver and titanium. However, body jewelry is rapidly gaining popularity amongst adults as well, with many of them opting for precious stones like platinum and diamond to adorn the body.

– Gone are the days when body jewelry was only about pierced items. Today, there is a large number of non-piercing jewelry available as well. Employing magnets to keep the jewelry in place, this is a great option for those who are wary of getting their body pierced but want to stay hip and in-line with the latest trends!