By: Mellisa H., New Hampshirelower navel

I had my upper belly pierced twice and it fell out both times. I’m not sure if I was just pierced wrong both times or if I was taking care of it wrong or if it was the jewelry. I have allergies to some metals. I did research as I really like having my belly pierced. While doing my research I read that you skin remembers rejection. This means that your skin remembers that it got rid of the body jewelry the first and second time in my case. I was so sad as I really wanted the standard belly piercing. I really loved having my upper navel pierced. I couldn’t believe that I could never get it done again. I did more research about piercings. I remember hearing one of my friends getting her lower navel pierced. I looked at pictures of others who had it done. I decided to give it a try as it looked pretty cool and it would be the only way I could ever get my belly pierced again.I knew I had to find a place that pierced with titanium as I am allergic to surgical steel. I found one place that I heard was good but never went there to get a piercing before. It was a clean place and the piercer was really nice. She took her time making sure the marks were lined up so that it would sit right and not cause a problem when I did things like walking. I love my lower navel piercing. I remember getting the standard belly piecing done and always getting it caught on things. I never really had a problem with the lower navel piercing. I have had this piercing for 2 years now. This is the longest I have ever had my belly pierced for. I would recommend this piercing for anyone who is lifting a lot of things and does not want to get the ring caught on things a much. I would also recommend it for someone who likes to rest items on their tummy. I do this all the time and I think that might not have helped much. I will say that if you want to get your belly pierced make sure it is what you really want and make sure if you are a belly sleeper that you don’t sleep on your tummy any more. I think that was also part of my issue. All in all I think the lower navel piercing is one of the coolest piercings I have gotten.