By: Melissa H

Melissa's Belly Button ring


I had my belly pierced twice the normal way. It fell out both times. I did a lot of research on weather or not I should get my belly button pierced in the same spot again or not. I looked online at a few different websites and they mainly said that skin will remember it being rejected. I was like I guess I can’t get my belly re-pierced again in the same spot. I was really sad that I couldn’t get my belly pierced again. I loved having my belly pierced. I decided to look at see if there was any other common spot to get my belly pierced. I found that you can get you lower naval pierced as well and it is pretty common. I remembered that one of my friends had it done but I never got a chance to see what it looked like. I looked at pictures online. I hemmed about if it was something for me to get done. I finally made up my mind that I was going to get it pierced. I called around to a few different places that did piercing. I have allergies to surgical steal so I had to have titanium body jewelry in my piercings. This cased some problems as not may places offer it. I finally found a place that I could get it done at. When I got it done the lady took her time placing the piercing in just the right spot for me. I have been to other piercing places and they jut kind of hurried you along. I was very happy with the work this piercer had done. I was freaking out that it would fall out just like the other belly piercings that I had gotten. I am going on a year and the ring still has not fallen out. My only problem with the piercing is that they pierced me with a ½” barbell and they are hard to find. If that is the only problem that I have I can live with it. I love having my lower naval pierced as it is different that what most people have and I just love the way it looks!