By: Katiann From: New York




I have always been a fan of multiple ear piercings, even though I only had my earlobes pierced I have always wanted a few ear piercings so I decided to begin my piercing journey when I was in college. My first piercing was my second hole in my ear, I then did a third piercing and I was done with my lobes. When I went home on winter break one of my friends from highschool had just gotten her tragus pierced and it was soooo cute I knew I had to have it done. I went home and did research on the piercing to see how bad it hurt what other people were saying about it and aftercare and all that good stuff. It was my second to last night in town and I had to go back to school because winter break was over. I went to the tattoo shop with my sister and two of her friends I was determined to get my tragus done. We got to the shop and of course on a friday night with them running a special for $25 tattoos it was jammed packed. After waited for 45 minutes to even fill out the paperwork to get pierced it was finally my turn. I filled out the release form and went to the back with the piercer. I took my sisters friend with me she wasn’t getting any tattoo or piercing so she was the designated hand holder LOL. I sat down on the piercing table and the piercer marked my ear and gave me the mirror to make sure I was satisfied with the placement. He put the clamps on my ear and began to pierce, it was extremely painful, I’m not one for pain either. The healing process took quite a while but I didnt have any issues with infection or anything, you just need alot of patience with cartilage piercings. Since my tragus piercing I have gotten more cartilage piercings.