By: Charles from: Gainesville, FL



I was in my sophomore year of college and my girlfriend and I decided to go and get piercings together. I have always wanted the snake bite piercings since I was like 14 and I knew that my mom wouldn’t go for it so I never got it. I later went off to college I ended up getting a tattoo on my left arm that she could be hidden from her, but I never got the snake bites. My girlfriend wanted to get a labret pierced for her birthday, I took her down to the tattoo shop and he had to wait for little bit being that they were one of very few tattoo shops close to our school. We finally were up to get pierced, I went first of course as she was extremely scared and wanted to see how I reacted first. I barely even moved, it hurts more to get a shot at the dentist the piercing went really well and healed very well. My girlfriend was up next she squirmed and I could tell it was a bit painful for her but she loves her piercing now.