On our blog we usually post stories of body piercing experiences but today we are going to share with our readers the importance of keeping your piercing clean, even after it has healed as well as changing your body jewelry. I can’t tell you how many times I hear “oh I still have the same jewelry in it from when I got it pierced.” When you have a piercing after it has healed completely you should have the jewelry changed. The initial piercing jewelry tends to be a lot longer than the standard jewelry, because it has to allow for swelling after the piercing is done. That means once your piercing is healed, you should go back to your piercer to have the jewelry changed, or if you feel comfortable enough yourself you can change it yourself. Your body jewelry should be changed a few times through out the year. Another mistake that a lot of people make is not cleaning their piercing or jewelry frequently, even though your piercing is healed it should still be cleaned as well as the body jewelry. To clean your body jewelry you can use warm water and antibacterial soap and soak it for a few minutes dry it off and place it back in your piercing. Keeping your jewelry clean will help keep your piercing clean, this can help avoid migration and rejection. So if you plan on getting some new piercings or if you already have a few piercings and do not routinely clean and change your jewelry, you should start! Check out this video on changing a septum ring.