By Shelah From: New York


I have always loved piercings and tattoos I don’t have many piercings just a few in my ears, and ever since I was in high school I have always wanted to get my tongue pierced. Of course my mom was opposed to the idea soooo.. that never happened. I didn’t do it in college because I needed to get a job after and I also worked during going to college and I didn’t want the piercing to interfere with me getting a job. I studied theater and I have always wanted to work for myself but until I got to that point I needed a job. So due to my circumstances I had to wait until I was 28 to get my tongue pierced, at first I thought that I was to old to get that piercing, its something for young kids to do. After some thought I felt that there was no age requirement on a tongue piercing if I wanted it, then I will get it. I went down to the tattoo shop that I got my last tattoo from to get my piercing. My piercer was great and the piercing was virtually painless. I would advise those getting a tongue piercing to eat before getting it pierced because eating solid food wont happen for a good week :). You will be on a ice-cream and smoothie diet until the swelling goes down and learning how to eat with a tongue ring is a whole new thing to learn. I love my piercing and it was worth the wait.