By Michael S. from South Carolina

The summer right before my senior year of high school i was sixteen and super excited about graduation. I had wanted my tongue pierced for the longest time but my mom hated tongue rings with a passion and said i could never do it under her roof. Well one day i knew a friend of a friend who’s uncle owned a tattoo shop and we were all hanging out when i just happened to ask “hey how much do you charge for tongues” he told me the price and then before i could really think i was asking “could you do mine?” He said yes! He got out the needle and i started to get super nervous. He put the clamp on my tongue had me take a deep breath and voila it was in he then showed me ring he was putting in it and said to come back in two weeks and he would change it for me. Because it was summer it was easy avoiding my mom for periods of time until it could heal.

So in two weeks i went back with some tongue rings i had bought and he put in the one i had picked out and taught me how to change it. a few weeks later we all went out to breakfast in my aunt noticed I had it in when i yawned. of course the first thing she did was told my mom. so my mom flipped out on me! she told me to move out and everything! She basically told me that i had betrayed everything she’s said and i felt like crap. she grabs a phone book and called every tattoo parlor in my area. because he didn’t have me fill out any paperwork he had no idea what she is talking about. so he told her no he hadn’t done it. I love my tongue ring but out of respect for my mom I took it out. she soon for gave me for what I did and everything worked out. I still have no idea how I thought I was going to hide it for that long.