By Krystal From FL

My horrible lip piercing experience

So I decided to let my ex-boyfriend who thought he knew how to do piercings. Pierce my lip mistake number one not only did it hurt like heck but he got to close to the top of my lip and it was nasty swollen and black and blue. Then listening to him I left it in and it got infected got the nasty green and yellow pus in it and I decided to take it out myself. Then I went to a “professional” and got it re-pierced. The guy that did it said that my ex shoved a piece of nerve thru my lip which is why it hurt so bad at the beginning. The guy went ahead and went thru with piercing my lip again. It DID NOT hurt a all I was surprised. The whole shop was laughing because they said you could tell that I just knew that it was going to hurt like hell. Now its been almost a year I still have my new lip piercing and I absolutely love it My piercing experience didn’t scar me away im ready to go and get a lot lot more.