Haylee S.


For the longest time i have been in love with body modification, i just loved the whole idea of being my own person. When i was born my parents only expected only 1 baby which was my sister older by 3 mins her name is raylee ann , from birth to age 11 we were forced to dress alike even down to our hair. When we turned 12 i wanted independence from my beloved identical twin. I wanted to start dressing different and being our own person. Fast foward to a few years when we were 15 i saw what i thought would change my life, a belly button piericng! I begged and begged but had to wait until i was 16 and once i got the small charm in my naval i felt so different from my sister, by then i was unstoppable i got my nose pierced, 11 holes in each ear, snake bites, tongue and hip surfaces. By then i had all the independence from my sister. Everybody was always getting us confused but not anymore , i had a more edgy style and she was so “preppy” . As you probably know my parents weren’t the happiest about all these holes that i put in myself, they were so disappointed but i didn’t care i felt so awesome that when i got my first credit card i spent probably 100 bucks just on this website. Its so crazy that people think that because raylee and i are twins that we need to be just alike when were just two totally different people who just happen to look alike and at one point were womb-mates. Nobody was prepared for me when i was born no one still is , you never know i may come home with a new piercing….i should have mentioned i work in shop and alwaaaays recommend your website because i swear you guess have the greatest pieces ever. Most of my clients come back and show me what they’ve bought and just leave raving reviews. Now that i’m older i’ve let most of my facial piercings close because i’m older now with a family i’m still sooo proud.