By: Cassimage

I have multiple ear piercings, and have always gotten them done at the mall (I actually had most done during my time employed at a certain accessory store that does ear piercing).

So when I decided to do my own piercing last year, a good buddy of mine told me where I could buy disposable piercing guns CHEAP.

I figure hey, I know what the guns are all about, I used to use them all the time.

One caveat- the ones I used were not fully manual. The one I bought was, relying fully on my own hand strength.
I marked the perfect placement on my ears, alcohol my hands, and boop! I have a new hole, the earring is in place.
Time to celebrate, right? Not even close. The pressure wasn’t enough to release the stud from the gun.
I’m standing in my bathroom with a piercing gun hanging off my ear.
Holy Crap.
What to do? The only thing I could think to do. I yanked the earring out of my ear, reset the gun, and BOOP! Shot it again. Same result. And now a bloody mess.
Ok, I think to myself, maybe let’s just try the other ear.
Open up the second stud. Line it up perfectly- and end up with matching bloody ears. At this point I am aching and bloody and angry.
So do I quit?
NO WAY, not this gal!!!
I removed the studs from the gun, cleaned them off along with my ears. I lean as close to the mirror as I possibly can, find the damaged holes, and forcibly push the studs through by hand.
By this time the pain is worse than having the cartilage piercing which was my very first piercing and turned me bright red from the pain. It’s even starting to feel worse than the tongue piercing, a dull aching throb and all i can think is how much damage have I done?
Though I managed the piercing and still have them (and they look just fine considering), I knew better when I did it, and will never pierce with a gun again. I haven’t scared myself off self piercing, but from now on I will make sure I am better prepared- with a needle.