Eric D.,


Okay, so I purchased the necessary materials for a do it yourself piercing. I purchased the clamp, the sterile 16g cannula needle (the one that has the hollow tube around the needle itself), the labret jewelry in 3 different lengths, some latex gloves, and some alcohol wipes. At first I thought, oh wow im actually going through with this, I always wanted a lip piercing but never really got one until now obviously, but while waiting for the materials to come in the mail, everyday I was getting amped up to pierce my own lip. I researched how to do it yourself before purchasing the materials (just to make that clear), so I can do it the right way without screwing up or ruining my lip by hitting a major vein or muscle or anything serious like that. So anyways when I received my order, I opened up the packages and I didn’t realize how big and heavy the clamp was so it was kind of difficult to pierce my lip myself, but i over saw that and was too determined to care. Then i sterilized the jewelry all 3 sizes because i wasn’t sure which one i was going to use yet until i estimate how much my lip will swell. Anyways i went into the bathroom, cleaned and sanitized the counter just to be safe. Then i put on a pair of the latex gloves, opened the alcohol wipe package, rubbed the area im about to pierce, clamped my lip, used a flashlight to see my veins and made sure i wouldn’t hit any of them, made sure it was straight and not at an angle. After that i pushed the needle through my lip, once it was fully through i pulled the needle out, the hollow tube was still through my lip which is very convenient when your gong to insert the jewelry in your open wound. Then i cut both sides of the hollow tube to make it shorter than it was, thought it would help which it did since i would need to use both hands for a few seconds, i grabbed the labret stud and insert it in the hollow tube, then i pulled the outer side while pushing the inner side so the jewelry can go all the way through while the tube is being pulled out of the hole. Lastly i screw on the ball of the stud and make sure it was tight so it doesn’t come undone while i eat or anything. That was it, i was done and it looked great like it was done professionally, once i was done i was like ok i want to pierce something else now hahaha maybe another time. Im glad i used a stud that was 1/2″ in length cuz of the swelling, and i cleaned it immediately afterwards, before i put everything away. Paying for all the materials actually was cheaper than going to a shop and having it done, the results come out the same as if i went to one so im glad with the decisions i made and how much research i did to make sure i was doing it right. My cleaning routine was after i floss, brush my teeth and use alcohol free mouthwash, i would clean the outer part with these cotton swabs that snaps at one end and liquid soaks the other end, i forgot what the liquid ingredient was but it helped a lot with the healing process, i used that method twice daily, but rinsed my mouth with mouthwash everytime after i ate something to make sure i didn’t get an infection. it took around a week for it to heal up nice and good. I play with a lot which sometimes agitates my lip lol. Now I’m thinking about getting the other side done, hahaha, maybe…just maybe ;].