By: Kat L., Statesboro, GAKat's dimple piercingHi! My name is Katrina but my friends call me Kat! I wanted to share my story about my dimple piercings because I had to do lots of research & hopefully this will help out someone who wants to find out more! I remember the first time I ever saw someone w/dimple piercings….I was 12 or 1& I went to a Spencer’s store for the first time. I saw a really hot girl w/dimples & I thought she was so badass! I totally wanted them! I decided to get them done for myb-day one year but I had to wait until I moved outta S. Carolina cause in S.C. u can’t have tattoos & piercings in the same shop! Many places don’t offer the piercing services since tattoos are more of a moneymaker! Grrr….so stupid right? I finally moved to GA w/my boyfriend & I knew it was time finally. I had no idea where to go so I asked my GA friends where a good place is & they recommended Lindsey at ivory tower tattoo in Statesboro. She was very friendly & very professional too. She even gave me a discount cause so many of my people recommended her. She first took me in the back after all the paperwork & payment was taking care of. She was playing some awesome rock music which helped me relax. She then took out all her tools which was in sterilized pkgs & proceeded to mark my cheeks which took about 10-15 mins. I checked them out in the mirror & was happy w/the placement. I’m not gonna lie, I was freaking nervous but she made me feel super comfy & helped me relax. She did the first side & it did hurt but not as bad as my industrial! When she did the 2nd side, it didn’t hurt as bad cause my adrenaline was pumping & I barely felt it. She used 14 gauge tongue barbells to prevent countersinking. let me explain what that is so u can prevent it from happening….it’s when ur cheeks swell up around ur piercing & ur piercings sink so deep into ur cheek tissue that u can’t see ur piercings anymore…hence the name countersinking. Thank god this didn’t happen to me but I did swell up a lil & had a slight chipmunk face going on but it was only for a week. The pain afterwards wasn’t too bad, just felt like I had been smiling too much & a slight discomfort feeling. I cleaned the outside using q-tips & antibacterial soap very carefully & twisting them every day too. I used mouthwash to clean the inside of my mouth after every time I smoked, drank or ate. I avoided milk & dairy products & alcohol too. Just how u heal a tongue ring. It’s been healing really well & I recently put in diamond labret rings & they look awesome! I’m super happy w/them & I think they are an awesome piercing to have! i definitely did a great job shopping for my b-day!! 🙂