By Lilly From: Atlanta, GA



My name is Lilly and I am now 22 with over 10 body piercings that were done professionally of course but my second ear lobe piercing I did myself. I was 16 years old and  I really really wanted my second hole done all of my friends had it and my mom said that I couldnt get it because I wouldnt be responsible enough to take care of it. She told me to show her that I can take care of it and I can get it. Well I really decided to show her one night while she was out of town for business and I was home with my sister and father I decided to take one of her sewing needles and pierce my own ear. I looked up online how I was supposed to do it with a needle at home. I had to be very secretive about it so I wasnt able to get ice from the kitchen or my sister or dad was going to ask what I was doing. So I sterilized the needle and slowly pushed it through my ear on each end. The only problem was… I didn’t have an earring to put in it. So I put eraser backs on the needles so I wouldnt poke the side of the face while I searched my sisters room for an extra pair of studs. I found some sterilized them and slipped them right in. My ears didnt hurt they barely even bled. I love my second hole I still have it to this day I didnt have any infection issues and I also proved to my mom that I could take care of them and pierce them to :).