By Patricia C.  from Nicholasville, KY


I have been (very, lol) slowly stretching my ears for about ten years now. I am currently at 7/16 and plan to go up at least two more sizes. Over the years, I have learned a few “tricks” to make the process easier. First of all, always, always, ALWAYS stretch gradually. If you don’t you are going to end up with a torn lobe. I’ve seen it happen more time than I can count. Second, it’s much easier to stretch your lobe right after your morning (or evening) shower. Your skin is much more pliable then. Third, use a skin-safe oil of some kind to “lube up” the lobe. I personally use virgin coconut oil for this. Not only does it lube, but it also has antiseptic properties as a bonus. Another good tip is to get your self some tea tree oil. This stuff works wonders. It helps heal piercings like no other. I also have an industrial piercing in my left ear. I have had it for about nine years now. It took right at a year to heal completely.

I had keloids form around the bottom hole, and the tea tree oil healed those right up. Trust me, you do not want those hanging around. Very unattractive. My last tip is for anyone with stretched ears that is plagued by “the smell”. Everyone gets it, unfortunately. The one thing that worked for me was switching to a natural material. I use organic wooden tunnels (purchased from this site!), but I have also heard that glass or stone ones will cut down on smell, too. Since I switched to wooden, my ears NEVER smell bad. It’s so much nicer for me, and my partner. In conclusion, I have to say that while I LOVE my tunnels, and other piercings, it is NOT for everyone. Stretching your ears is just as permanent as a tattoo once you get to a certain size. They will not “shrink down” without surgery. Please understand that. I’ve seen so many parent let their under age children start stretching, and they do not realize how permanent it is going to be.