By: Emily L.


I was a freshman in college and my roommate and I were getting along pretty well. We both were pretty easy going people, so living together was not difficult. However, we also didn’t have anything that made us get super close in those first couple of months. Then, around Halloween, I went through this phase of wanting tons of piercings. After my doubles and a couple cartilage piercings, I decided I wanted an industrial bar. As a college student, I didn’t exactly have the funds for all these piercings, so I had been doing them myself. I thought nothing would be different with the industrial bar piercing.
I pierced two cartilage piercings in my right ear and waited a week or so while they healed. In the meantime, I ordered a bar online. As soon as the bar came in, I took out the bottom cartilage piercing and slid the bar through. That was the easy part. I kept taking the top earing out and trying to put the rest of the bar through the top hole, but with no avail. Eventually, I told my roommate, while I had a bar through just one hole, that I couldn’t get the other hole and she would have to do it for me. My bar looks great now! I think I got lucky with no infections… And an awesome roommate!